Ice Cross

Talks & Exhibitions

I’m available to give illustrated talks about the places I get to and the wildlife and landscapes I see. Click on More for further details.

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Shetland Puffin

Cards & Prints

I have a range of print and cards available for sale or licensing. Click on More to find out where and how you can buy these.

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Dog Sled Commute

Travel Blog

I regularly blog about my travel habits - click on More to jump to my “Wanderings” blog. And I sometimes blog about photography and rewilding too.

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New Website (01/2017)

I've finally found the time to rework the North South Images website - do have a look round.

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In Search of Ice (01/2017)

One of lures of heading to the far north and the far south are the fantastic icescapes you might encounter. In many places you’ll get to see snow covered mountains, and glaciers still (climate change not-withstanding) reaching down to the sea.

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Ice Berg

Just Puffins (01/2017)

Puffins are one of the iconic birds of the remote sea cliffs of Britain. They’re instantly recognised by pretty much everyone in the country - but relatively few people have had the chance to see one in the feathers.

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Rare Spherical Puffin

From Polar Bears to Penguins (01/2017)

One of the things that draws me back to the far North and the far South is the wildlife - the Arctic and Antarctic each have their own unique collections of birds and mammals.

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Bears on Sea Ice